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Your Consultant is Amber Tully

My Story

Hi there! Welcome to my website! I am a child of God, happily engaged, a boy mom of 3 and have been apart of Scentsy since August 2016.

Prior to starting my Scentsy Journey, things weren't so easy for me. I've struggled with Anxiety & Depression since childhood and had a very tough time with school. I had a hard time understanding what I was taught, was such a nervous kid I wouldn't ask for help, I was picked on, had low self esteem, thought that I was not worthy, didn't have anyone lifting me up and holding me accoutable. All of this led me to a tough life. I dropped out of high school, I wanted to just fit in & be liked so I followed so much that I turned to drugs and alcohol which I ended up becoming addicted to after entering a physically, emotionally and verbally abusive situation. During that time I had two of my sons who were taken due to the drug use. I was, in my eyes, an addict, homeless, jobless, not worthy of being a mom or being loved, nobody. I've overcome all of that and I am still facing adversity. It wasn't until Scentsy that I realized that I was destined to have a place in the world.

My sponsor, and dear friend I have known since school days, had been posting about the genuine relationships she was making with these "Scentsy folk". At the time, I was in my 3rd year of recovery, in a healthy relationship with my now fiance, our own place to live, was good but I was still super depressed and lacked genuine friendships. So, without ever trying a single Scentsy product, I dove in and joined. Almost instantly I was beginning to make many new friendships along with friends from the past that I never expected to be apart of my life again because of the path I had taken. The moment I began to surround myself with these beautiful humans, was the moment I began a deep personal growth journey.

Today- I am a recovering warrior. I am in control of my destiny. I have the hugest believe in myself, my abilities and what I have overcome. I am worthy today. Never in a billion years did I imagine joining this company and having it change my entire way of life. In 2019, I began growing a team and taking steps way outside my comfort zone. I promoted and watched my teamies promote and it filled my heart with so much joy! Being apart of the Scentsy Family is absolutely life changing. You become apart of an inspiring, loving and positive community. People join for friendships, fun or funds. And as always... If you have ever had a mere thought of joining, just reach out and ask! Info is always free!